Microsoft Hotmail - 30 Days To Win Julia Over

What if an entire country could help you win your girlfriend over? 


After a long relationship, Hotmail needed to make their users fall in love with them again. Though leaders in the market, it was starting to be perceived as an outdated service. Recently, Hotmail implemented lots of new features but, how could we get people to like Hotmail again? 

We looked for a regular guy -not an actor- who needed to show his girlfriend how much he had changed in order to win her heart again. 

Their story was an analogy for Hotmail’s relationship with their users. 


As the ads claimed: 'we both needed to show how much we've changed to be liked more'

During 30 days Alejandro and Hotmail worked on a secret plan full of surprises to win Julia’s heart over.

From a love declaration in national press to a massive serenade in front of Julia's place. Most of these were newsworthy activations that required people's participation via Alejandro's Hotmail, thus integrating the new features in the content. 




The plan was to tell an open-end love story through a massive advertising campaign. Such an innovative transmedia approach was a big challenge for a team that had barely worked together before this project. All of a sudden we were all dedicating two months of our lives to react in real-time to the opportunities that popped up as Alejandro's cause was getting bigger and bigger. This was a baptism of fire that put our new office in Madrid on the Spanish creative map.


  • THE ONE SHOW - Integrated - Merit
  • EL SOL - Integrated - Silver
  • IAB INSPIRATIONAL AWARDS - Integrated - Silver
  • EFI AWARDS - Efficacy - Shortlisted
  • CONTAGIOUS MAG #27 - Most Contagious


  • Year: 2011
  • Agency: Doubleyou Madrid
  • Role: Creative Director
  • Team: Marta Caseny, Rafa Merino, Roberto Fara, Luis Ortiz, Jordi Pont, Javier Urbaneja