The Audi Years (2005-2010) 

I started working for Audi as a junior copywriter at DDB Barcelona, but the real fun came after DoubleYou named me Creative Director in charge of Audi digital comms.

I'm very proud of all the work my team did for the brand.  Not because of the awards we won with some of these campaigns, but because we proved even the tiniest assignment can be turned into an opportunity for interactive experimentation. 

Audi digital campaigns compilation

QUATTRO - 'Joy in every obstacle' (2007)

A simple execution that shows how Quattro turns any extreme driving situation into pure enjoyment.

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AUDI A3 - Marathon in a banner (2010)

The development tests of the new Audi A3 are a challenging process in which the vehicle endured over 5 million kilometres distance over all kind of surfaces.

In order to demonstrate the car’s real resistance to the audience, we created an unusual marathon covering those 5 million Km. across banners.

We created a bespoke cookie-based technology, so every time the user was impacted our banner, he could follow-up the distance the vehicle had covered in the time passed from his first interaction.

The scene displayed in the creative was also automatically adapted to the local time and weather. And to emphasise the marathon concept, we even came up with a bespoke media plan in which our banners were displayed several times with long time lapses in between each. 

AUDI A4 TDIe -Start/Stop (2010)

An email campaign to show how the new technology "START/STOP" works.  

By placing an animated gif in an e-mail, the car lights turned on & off only when the user needed to read a headline.

>>Click to see the email (Spanish)

Copy translation> 'Start/Stop system: Energy only when required'


AUDI A3 CABRIO 'Weather' (2008)

Was this a rich-media banner or a service? 

Users type the name of their city and the banner would adapt the creative and offer real-time local weather forecast by connecting to a database. 


AUDI Q7 'Words' (2007)

A simple way to display the competitive advantage of the largest SUV from Audi. A subtle trick involving simple interaction and copy font size.

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"Another car seen from the new Q7. THE NEW Q7 SEEN FROM ANOTHER CAR. Q7, the biggest car from Audi."

AUDI A3 CABRIO 'Sky' (2008)

We negotiated with Spain's main magazines and portals to make their websites as convertible as the new A3 Cabrio. 

Audi A3 'Virtual Me' (2010)

This integrated campaign started with an open question to the audience:  If one day virtual reality could allows us reproduce the same feelings we experience when driving an Audi A3, would we still choose reality or would we prefer the virtual world? 

To develop this thought further, in Facebook we created an app that allowed people create their own “Virtual Me”.  

By combining realistic 3D avatars, real-time voice generators and data gathered from people's Facebook profiles, we gave these alter egos a disconcerting realism.

People was invited to benefit from using these faithful alter-egos (someone with their same physical appearance, likes and thoughts) in their interactions with their friends on Facebook. 

Thanks to a complex algorithm and over hundred different scenarios/plots developed in advance, each Virtual Me was able to behave in a truly unique way. Each of these rich interactions took in account elements such as the type and time of the visit, the closeness of the relationship between the VM owner and the sporadic visitor, recent events involving both, and even their individual interactions with third parties/friends. 

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