Aurea Dicta by Miquel Barceló

Launching the most ambitious book by the most important Spanish artist of our time.


The three-time winner of the Spanish National Arts Prize, Miquel Barceló, worked for almost two years to revisit one of the gems of Catalan literature, the Aurea Dicta (words of gold) volume.

Barcelo’s most ambitious publishing project to date is a must have for bibliophiles. It was published by ‘La Casa dels Classics’ launched on a exclusive edition of 1.298 copies signed by the artist, sold for 4.000€ each.

I had the privilege to be invited to lead the launch of such precious artwork.

Launch trailer - The caves and the Mediterranean are a constant in Barceló’s art. Together with director Salvador Sunyer we distilled this universe into a cryptic trailer that build-up expectations amongst art fans and specialised publications.

Documentary - Together with director Marc Puig, we travelled to Barcelo’s workshop in Paris and filmed this short documentary piece, which was premiered at Dali’s iconic ‘La Pedrera’ in Barcelona.

The making of the trailer film

To evoke the journey of discovery the artist experienced when revisiting the book, we bought some primitive-looking creatures from La Boqueria market in Barcelona and filmed them under a microscopic lense. Then, we found an amazing marine cave in Girona and filled it with golden light (the title of the book means ‘Words of Gold’).


Year: 2018
Clients: La Casa dels Clàssics & Miquel Barceló
Strategy: Jazz Barcelona
Client Services Director: Arnau Grinyó
Project Director: Myriam Soteras
Creative Directors: Ferran López & Eduardo de Felipe
Production: Nanouk Films
Directors: Salvador Sunyer (trailer) & Marc Puig (documentary)
Producer: Andrés Mellinas
Photographer (Documentary): Lluís tudela
Photographer (Product): Jorge Boleas


The client had a very low budget, but they offered me freedom to build a team and create the content, the website and the rest of materials that would accompany the launch. This gave me the chance to pull my good friend Eduardo de Felipe (AD) into the project. Together we persuaded some of the most talented young film-makers and photographers from Barcelona to collaborate with us. As a fan of Miquel Barceló’s art, it was a pleasure and a privilege to witness the making of such a complex artwork.