Cesar - The Matchy-Matchy Collection

They wanted a Christmas campaign. We came up with a fashion collection.


Cesar, the premium canine cuisine brand from Mars Group, wanted an integrated campaign for North-America, Canada and UK to encourage people treat their dogs with their premium meals during the festive season.

Our solution wasn’t an advertising campaign. Actually it had nothing to do with dogs’ food. Instead, we came up a very special fashion collection: The Matchy-Matchy jumpers.

We created a limited edition of matching holiday jumpers for dogs and owners so that they could share more this season.

We sent some of these to famous dog owners, who kicked off the buzz in Social. Alongside these, a range of social films and assets helped make the collection famous in Social.

In only two weeks, Cesar’s jumpers hijacked the festive conversation, driving attention around their products range and, most importantly, helping people share more with their dogs.


The designs were deliberately tacky and full of highly-shareable human/dog friendly Christmas motifs. From our website people could not only enter a competition for a chance to win one, but also download the patterns and try knit the jumpers themselves.


A range of quirky social films and stills helped display the campaign in social. 


Rapper and actor Ice-T; Dancer, musician and actor Mark Ballas; and NFL player, Devon Still were amongst the people that loved Matchy-Matchy. Some of the most important blogs and publishers from US, UK and Canada also referenced the campaign... and the internet did the rest.