Umbro & Athletic Club - Soul Crossing  

The kits Athletic's fans wore before the players did.


IMade out of Basque-country born players only, Athletic Club is not only one of Europe's oldest football teams, but also the only Spanish team sponsored by Umbro.

In 2011 Athletic qualified to the UEFA League for first time in decades.

A kit design that proudly displays the colours of the Basque country flag, turned the launch of the new away kit for these UEFA games into a unique PR opportunity to reposition Umbro in the market and drive traffic to stores.


To make this kit a true icon for all the Basque people, we flipped the natural life cycle of a football jersey: This time, the fans were the first ones in wearing them.

They wore the jerseys on their everyday activities, filled them with their soul and wishes, and finally handed them over to the players, making sure they would feel them close when playing away.

Launch video (Spanish & Basque) 


Weeks before going on sale, a video showed Athletic's most iconic fans pouring their personal wishes into the jerseys.

The video led people to the website and stores, were they joined our competition: 22 fans got the chance to wear the jersey for a day, before passing it on to the next fan, and finally on to the players. Just like in a book-crossing mechanic.


GPS technology enabled visitors to the website follow the kits' path and experiences in real time. They could even get directions to meet the closest fan and see the new jersey in person.


The fans handed over the jerseys to the players at an event that gathered the attention of most of Spain's TV, press and radios. 

Following the event, we brought fans and players to iconic pubs and landmarks of Athletic Club's history, and shot the campaign posters there.

As opposed to the distant, player-centric attitude from other brands, our tagline 'Worn by 11. Championed by All' quickly resonated and became part of Bilbao's football culture, building a new, solid positioning for Umbro without any media spend. 

 'Worn by 11. Championed by all. New Athletic Club away kit'

'Worn by 11. Championed by all. New Athletic Club away kit'


We built a much more human positioning for Umbro without any media spend. We had a great time in Bilbao, met some of the most iconic and die-hard Athletic fans. In their faces one could see their love and appreciation for the uniqueness of this launch. I’m glad their passion and authenticity were somehow poured onto the content, too.  


  • THE LOVIE AWARDS - HTML5 Websites - Silver

  • EL SOL - Integrated - Shortlisted

  • EL SOL - Websites - Bronze

  • SPANISH CREATIVE CIRCLE - Digital - CdeC de Plata


  • Year: 2011

  • Agency: Doubleyou Madrid

  • Role: Creative Director

  • Team: Marta Caseny, Rafa Merino, Luis Ortiz, Jordi Pont, Javier Urbaneja