Doritos Baby Dragon

A love story that set the world on fire.

Pepsico's innovations team came up with a new limited edition Doritos flavour.  

The new Doritos Heatwave starts with a yummy BBQ flavour until the chilli microcapsules hidden in the crisps kick you with a burst of heat, when you least expect it. 

To communicate this new launch to a global audience of youngsters, we saw Game of Thrones millions of times and came up with a perfect analogy for the product: A baby dragon that will melt your heart (and your world, too).



  • In 2016
  • As Freelance Creative Director with Enric Soldevila 
  • Agency: AMV BBDO
  • Executive Creative Director: Dave Buchanan
  • Director: Jeff Low
  • Production company: Biscuit


This was my first job in the snacks category. I was really intrigued to see whether we could get the level of humour and engagement that this product deserves. This was also my first shoot with an animatronic involved. A week long shoot in Athens with a top director like Jeff Low was hard, but absolutely worth it.