Heineken - The Bottle With A Mission

What would you do if a Heineken bottle asked you to follow it?

Placed in the brand's old brewery, Heineken Experience is one of Amsterdam's top tourist attractions. In order to get more people visit this place, we created a very special range of smart Heineken bottles.

These were bottles with a mission: To take people to the Home of Heineken. 


These might look just like any Heineken party bottles, but after countless iterations, we managed to fit inside them a built-in compass mechanism, a GPS, an accelerometer and some vibration stripes. 

When the bottle is picked up, it vibrates to catch the attention of the holder, the cap lights up red and the iconic Heineken star swivel to point out the route to follow.

We placed some of them outside other famous attractions and waited for the curious to catch them. The unsuspecting holders were then taken on an epic journey through various Amsterdam locations related to the brand heritage, finishing at the iconic Heineken Experience building, the Home of Heineken.

Our prototypes could also be pre-loaded with specific roadmaps and destinations, whih provided Heineken with a exciting gift to take customers and influencers to their most exclusive #OpenYourCity events and sponsorships.

Football games, music venues, night parties... Where will your Heineken bottle take you next? 




  • At JWT Amsterdam 
  • In February-March 2015
  • As Freelance Digital Creative Director 
  • With Guney Soykan (AD), M. Peeters & R. Nelk (creatives), Enmanuel Flores (CT)   
  • Reporting to Bas Korsten (ECD)