Umbro International - Pepe's Cookies

How did we make people love the toughest football player without any media spend.

Pepe plays as centre back defender in Real Madrid CF. He was the only player from la Liga sponsored by Umbro. Despite being one of the best defenders in the world, he's also a reputation for being one of the toughest. Within 2010-11 Pepe received 2 red cards and 8 yellow cards in only 25 matches. 

Launch Video


To demonstrate tough guys can also be sweet, we asked Pepe to make some lovely cookies. These were baked and sold during two Christmas weeks in partnership with a famous bakery in Madrid. And all the profits were donated to the NGO "Niños sin culpa"


Simply because in Spanish the word “cookies” (galletas) also mean a friendly way of slapping someone’s face. 

In this sense, the Spanish wordplay “to give cookies” stands as a funny way of hitting someone. 

Set as a PR campaign without media spend, the video was featured by all the main newspapers, radio stations and TV sports news in Spain. 

And even Cristiano Ronaldo tweeted about his beloved friend!  

In Spanish this is also 'a cookie given by Pepe'.

Poster  -  'Tough guys can also be sweet'

The landing page and the cookies

Cristiano's tweet!