Some things I did during a gap year

In June 2011 I quitted my job in Spain's top digital agency and started a sabbatical gap year. I was about to turn 30 and I wanted to push myself far from my comfort zone.

After travelling around the world for five months, I decided to approach award-winning feminist porn film-maker Erika Lust to suggest her a collaboration. 

I wanted to explore several experimental narratives for porn films. So I teamed up with Erika's production house Lust Films and together we approached potential partners for our experiments.

We failed. Perhaps the idea wasn't as good as we thought. Perhaps the market wasn't ready yet. 

Since my gap year was about to end, I moved on and started freelancing.

Few months later, I provided strategic advise for Erika's new release, which was partly an evolution of one of our experiments: A crowd-sourced platform that allows people submit their fantasies for Erika to turn them into short porn films. 

X-Confessions has become since then one of the most acclaimed projects in Europe's porn industry.