PortAventura - The Trap

Why to make a digital campaign when you can make an attraction?

Case Study Film


PortAventura’s the biggest theme park in southern Europe. When they asked us to promote their 2007 Halloween season, we didn't come up with a digital campaign, but with a real amusement in the park. 

Just like any other, our amusement was a wooden booth set in the “Far West” zone. However, once inside visitors could soon realise it was something completely different.

The amusement was actually a massive trap placed in the middle of the park, aimed to provide what every visitor expects from Halloween: a bloody good fright. 

From inside the trap, a night-vision camera was streaming live to PortAventura's website. People could decide how and when to scare the poor visitors by choosing from several horrifying options. Once the fright was played live from the park, the scared visitors were then rewarded with an incentive and a code to replay their reaction and share it with others from the website.

The best reactions were turned into a viral video which became so successful that the brand asked us to replicate it for TV the year after. 

2007 was the most visited Halloween season in PortAventura's history. 

website trap


There's nothing written on how to scare people in a theme park. So we had to design the frights, test them on our colleagues and collaborate with the park experts to implement them. The effort was totally worth it. The Trap was my first project as CD. Although it hurts to look back to 2007, this is one the few that I'm still proud of.   


  • NEW YORK FESTIVALS - Websites - Silver
  • EL SOL - Digital - Silver
  • IMAN (Spanish Direct Mkt Circle) - Grand Prix
  • IMAN (Spanish Direct Mkt Circle) - Digital - Gold
  • IMAN (Spanish Direct Mkt Circle) - Direct - Shortlist
  • SPANISH CREATIVE CIRCLE - Anuario del CdC - Merit



  • Year: 2007
  • Agency: Doubleyou (Spain)
  • Role: Creative Director, copywriter
  • Art Direction: Illaria Totaro
  • Client Services: Marcos Da Gama