Lays/Walkers United

Repositioning a global sponsorship for the world's biggest crisps brand.


Pepsico's broad range of crisps brands (Lays, Walkers, Sabritas...) wanted a new positioning for their global UEFA Champions League sponsorship.

Rather than the diehard fans that gather in stadiums, we wanted to make the brands appealing to a broader audience. So we decided to celebrate the people that love these moments with friends as much as they love the game itself. 

The challenge was to build a platform that more than 200 countries around the world could feel their own, through a set of executions that could adapt modularly to the different needs of these markets. 

As the Champions League anthem starts playing and Messi is about to kick off the game in the stadium, thousands of people line up in different households and bars from around the world.

They all play for the same team. The team of those who like the game as much as they like the social occasion. The team that always play home: Walkers United. 


Lays United 10'' Ident - The Commentators 

Lays United 10'' Ident - The Kick Off 

Lays United 10'' Ident - The Throw-In

Lays United 10'' Ident - The Squad


  • In 2016

  • As Freelance Creative Director with Enric Soldevila

  • Agency: AMV BBDO

  • Executive Creative Director: Paul Brazier

  • Director: Rollo Jackson

  • Production company: Somesuch



Pepsico's crisps business stretches 9 different brands across more than 200 countries. As you might imagine, to evolve the long-standing heritage between AMV BBDO and Walkers in the UK, whilst building a system that could meet the interests of all these markets around the world was quite a challenge in both creative and politics management. It took a total of 131 edits to deliver all the campaign assets, but I personally like the new universe and visual texture that the campaign gave to the brand.