Samsung - We are David Bailey

We recruited 143 David Bailey. None of them was the famous photographer.

Case Study 


NX was a new range of super-smart cameras by Samsung with DSLR quality sensors, a wide range of interchangeable lenses and Wi-Fi functionality built in to meet any shooting challenge. 

To prove how with the NX anyone could shoot like a pro we gave 1000 NX Cameras to everyday people from all over Britain and let them shoot the campaign ads for us. 

They all had something in common: They were all named David Bailey, but none of them was the famous photographer. 

The Event

TV Commercial

One of the many Masterclasses on Youtube


We began searching for David Baileys through print, banner, and milk carton advertising. 143 were gathered in an event where we gave them cameras and sent them out to take photos.

Analysts, teachers, plumbers... all named David Bailey, created beautiful shots that were seen online, in newspapers, London Underground escalator galleries, and digital outdoor displays.

Then a TV ad was created, driving people to Facebook, the hub for their photographs.

Our Baileys also created some series of Photography 'Master classes' for YouTube. 

A Secret David Bailey auction was held, with one print contributed from the famous David Bailey. Identifying which one wasn't easy given the quality on show.

Store managers were sent a coffee table photography book, 'The Book of Baileys,' and top bloggers were given signed prints.

Their responses in social media drove still more traffic to our Facebook hub, contributing to 13,000 applications from people wanting to become Honorary David Baileys by simply saying 'I'm David Bailey' when we called them by surprise on the phone.

Our Bailey's photographs became famous, appearing online, in print ads and on the big screen in Piccadilly Circus.

Plus, most important, NX cameras sold out in all major retailers in 11 weeks.




Let me tell you a secret: I'd never heard about David Bailey before we came up with this idea. As this was my first freelance job abroad, my English and my knowledge of the British culture were quite limited. Fortunately, my patient partner Chris Lawson shared my appetite for thinking big and helped push the campaign internally. That was the key that made it magic happen.


  • CANNES LIONS:  Gold x1,  Bronze x2,  Shortlist x1 

  • CREATIVE CIRCLE UK:  Best digital campaign x1

  • EUROBEST:  Gold x1,  Silver x3,  Bronze x1

  • CAPLES: Silver x3, Bronze x1


  • MAA BEST AWARDS:  Best of the Best x1,  Best x3

  • KINSALE SHARK: Gold x2, Silver x2


  • At Cheil London
  • July/August 2012
  • As Freelance Creative Director 
  • With Chris Lawson (AD), Logan Wilmont & Patrick Collister (ECDs) and Daniele Fiandaca (HOI)